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September 04 2017

A stab in the dark
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Beijing skycraper under construction, photo by Satoshi Ohashi
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The Vindicator (1986) aka Frankenstein ‘88

A  Canadian cyborg movie, made before Robocop.  Like Murphy, the protagonist is killed by a corporation to become a machine, but the way he interacts with the computer part of himself is different.  This is an interesting B-movie, quite cheesy, with some good moments.  The director managed to make some nice shots, despite the limited budget. The suit was designed by Stan Winston.  

In this article (in French), the director, Jean-Claude Lord, explains that he tried to improve the original scenario, made for cheap exploitation.  He wanted to develop the characters a little more, but he didn’t have the final cut.  

The movie, never released on DVD, was hard to find, but it’s now on youtube. If you are an amateur of obscure 80′s sci-fi, this is worth watching.   

(Thanks to conscientia for the suggestion.)

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August 14 2017

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August 13 2017

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August 11 2017

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‘Alien Covenant’ concept art by Dane Halletts. 

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